Leather jackets are the icon style to up your style ante to wear leather jacket. We have fully integrated setup to produce genuine leather jackets.

LeatherJacket4 is an online store of leather jackets with origin in Florida, USA. LeatherJacket4 is not a new name for leather lovers since it has been functioning more than a decade and has successfully gained the trust of its customers and clients around the globe through its online e-commerce website by serving high quality and in-demand leather jackets with free worldwide shipping. We took initiated from the US by introducing our retail online shopping website of leather jackets and in no-time, our supplies reached to every outskirt of America by making sure to provide customer friendly online experience with our never-missed occasional and holidays discounts, coupons and deals with straightway free-shipping in all over the US. Our low budget and affordable best quality leather jackets and leather costumes gained popularity in Americans but it didn't keep there and soon after we took the expansion and bring the same legacy of discount offers and free shipping into other continents of the worlds by introducing never the forgettable name of LeatherJacket4.

Currently, we are serving our best handmade leather jackets in Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, Japan and US with free shipping along with best deals and discounts to each country. It took years of nurturing and conviction of our work in leather market that we have come up with constant appreciation and reliance from our returning customers who always showed their kind satisfaction with the leather jackets they buy form LeatherJacket4, which also made in to qualify in making firm connections with our global partners for bulk quantities of leather jackets, costumes and apparels in all over the world.

In the tough competition of online leather jacket suppliers, we always stay ahead with the support of our leather buyers who give their unique suggestions and creative ideas to design unique jackets through our tailormade or custom-made option which let us manufacture unique leather jackets in its best version after each order you place at LeatherJacket4.


As a Manufacturer, Supplier and Retailer of Leather products our goal is to provide you with the best quality products and services at affordable prices. We strive to place at your fingertips a one stop store with full range of leather products, ready to be delivered to your doorstep mostly free of shipping charges.

What we offer in leather apparel ?

Of all things one can own in genuine leather, a jacket may be the most versatile and impressive. Leather jackets will remain in vogue the coming seasons as they have always been; the truth is they are never out of fashion.

Our jackets are made from highest quality full grain lamb aniline which keeps all the beauty of real leather and retains the thickness, texture and markings of the original skin; it looks luxurious while being breathable.

LeatherJacket4.com's jackets are trendy, casual as well as classic. You can wear them all year round on all occasions; at home, in parties, in office and around town.

Men's Leather Jacket

Men's clothiers have been working with leather for hundreds of years, but only with a few classic garments. Stick to jackets, overcoats, shoes, and belts. Leather pants are only an option for rock stars.

Leather jackets are most guys' sole experience with leather. Leather jackets work with a wide array of both casual and dressy clothes, and they're a good bet against the cold. Check out the to get the leather lowdown on traditional shoes and boots. Leather is certainly a striking fabric. In the documentary Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld notes that he won't wear leather jackets onstage; the tough guy image can turn off an entire audience Nevertheless, not all conventional wisdom pertaining to leather is that cut-and-dry. For every strict leather rule, there's another that's as pliable as calfskin.

Women's Leather Jacket

Women's Leather Jackets not only for weather protection, also women's leather wear stands for elaborate, extravagant, fancy and flamboyant styles and fashion; that's exactly what our products are. You can find women's leather jacket in various shapes and sizes. Different lengths such as three quarter or hipsters all are popular. Even square-shaped, leather bomber jackets are staging a comeback. The length you choose depends on your body type, your height, your style, and of course, your taste. Whatever the case, they are all equally stylish. Our jackets are made from highest quality full grain lamb/cow or goat aniline.

LeatherJacket4.com's jackets are attractive, trendy, casual as well as classic. You can wear them all year around on all occasions; at home, in parties, in office and around town.

Kid's Leather Jacket

Find the best selection of kids' leather jackets here at "Leather Jacket 4.com". We have the best selection of kids leather wear on the cyber store! Choose from kids' biker jackets, kids' aviation leather bombers and kids fashion leather jackets, such as leather blazers and leather waist jackets. We have kids leather jacket for all occasions like kid's leather jacket for Halloween costumes, kids leather jackets for school plays, kids leather gear for riding on the bike with their parents. Among our wide assortment of styles, we offer a number of kid-sized jackets made from genuine leather.

Our kid's leather jackets feature the same quality, durability & authenticity of our adult leather jackets and each is made to our exacting standards.

* When it comes to leather, "full grain" is the best. Full grain leather is the complete hide and retains the thickness, texture and markings of the original. It looks luxurious while being breathable is most durable.

Custom Jackets / Tailor made Jackets

An Exclusive Look at our Uniquely Tailored Products.

We are specialize in made-to-measure leather clothing. We manufacture anything in leather, including one and two piece suits; Western, touring and comic costumes, dresses and touring jackets for ladies and men in any leather article and any color. Write to us without any hesitation at sales@leatherjacket4.com or order by Tailor-made Jacket's form.

If you can't find what you are looking for on the site please contact us, we have made more specialist items for people from Leather casual dresses to Leather formal dresses. What is important to you when choosing your leather clothing?

• Fitting

Are you fed up of never being able to find anything to fit? We will tailor your jacket / suit in your required measurement whatever its Slim fit / Regular fit / Plus Size etc. Our made-to-measure service ensures that the item you choose is tailor made for you.

• Quality

Do you value quality?

With so many inferior suits on the market we have sourced the best quality materials from around the world, which have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards.

• Safety

How much do you value your skin?

None of us expect to fall off but we want to know if the worst happens we have the best protection available from the weather. All our leather garments have fully lined.

• Design

Do you want to reflect your style and individuality?

You can choose from our range of exclusive designs that our available in a choice of different colors. For something a little more unique you can design your own or use our in house designer.

• Cost

The product range is available to view throughout the website. The added cost is an extra 5% for minor alterations and an extra 20% for full made-to-measure which involves a fitting stage. If you cannot find the style or design you are looking for email us with a picture or description and we will endeavor to cost it for you.

Why Us?

• Affordable price with high quality
• 100% genuine leather
• 100% high quality accessories
• Free worldwide shipping
• Free Gift of leather wallet
• Pay securely by PayPal
• Delivery within 7 working days
• Money back guarantee
• Any changes during order processing varieties of leather and colors.

We hope your visit to the LeatherJacket4.com web site was helpful and informative. We offer detailed information on our products as well as our company to assist you in your purchase. We are always eager to receive your feedback.





The year 2000 marked the beginning of the LeatherJacket4 era. LeatherJacket4 is an online e-commerce leather jacket company that offers. When our team was smaller we started with our website. We spent days establishing our website user-friendly and mobile-friendly, then we focused on the quality of our jackets and how to make them last because we were inexperienced at the time. Slowly but steadily, we began to progress, and our hard work began to pay off, and professionals such as pattern masters, machine experts, and others began to join us. Then we worked day and night to preserve the quality of our brand and improve our client service.

We started our first online leather jacket shop by introducing our retail online shopping website for leather jackets, and in no time, our supplies had reached every nook and cranny of the country, all while ensuring a customer-friendly online experience with our never-missed occasional and holiday discounts, coupons, and deals, as well as free shipping across the United States. We have earned the trust of our consumers and clients all around the world.


Whatever we have today is a result of the hard effort we have put in over the years. LeatherJacket4 is now a global company that offers free shipping on the top high-quality leather jackets. We now have our factory, which is divided into numerous sections and employs a large number of experienced personnel. First, we have a design department with employees and professionals that assist in the creation of jackets. Then there's our pattern-making department, which creates the pattern on the jacket, regardless of the pattern that someone wants on their leather jacket.

The next department is sewing, where a jacket is meticulously stitched, and then the garment is taken to the tanning department, where the color is applied. After tanning, the jacket is sent to the finishing department, where it is given a final touch before being sent to the QC (Quality Control) department, where it is neatly packed. The hard effort we've put in over the years has finally paid off.