Dignity and Respect Policy


The Leather Jacket 4 is fully committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive working and learning environment, where difference is celebrated and seen as a strength and where all members and customers, visitors, followers and third parties have mutual respect for each other.

We believe that where diversity and inclusion are valued, people work in a more rewarding and stimulating environment, which allows them to unlock and fully utilize their skills and talents. Instances of bullying, harassment, discrimination and / or victimization hinder the development of such an environment and negatively impact on the individual's self-worth and well being, as well as on our wider community. As such, the Leather Jacket 4 has adopted a zero-tolerance approach towards any behavior or action which undermines a person's value and dignity. This means that the University will not condone or ignore any incidents it becomes aware of, will take any allegation of inappropriate behavior extremely seriously and will take any necessary action, while providing support to all parties involved.

1.1 Purpose of Policy

The Dignity and Respect Policy (hereafter referred to as "this Policy") supports the LJ4's wider aim to promote an inclusive environment where people treat each other with respect; where instances of bullying, harassment, discrimination and / or victimization are not tolerated and where people feel confident in reporting allegations without fear of reprisal or victimization, knowing that all reports will be handled seriously, appropriately, confidentially and fairly.

This Policy includes definitions and examples of unacceptable behavior. The examples of behavior listed in this Policy may vary greatly in terms of severity and type, ranging from what could constitute a minor disagreement among peers/colleagues to cases of sexual harassment and violence.

The Policy also provides details of advice and support available within and outside the LJ4 Office or email at abuse@leatherjacket4.com to anyone who has experienced, witnessed or has been accused of, inappropriate behavior. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Dignity and Respect Procedure (hereafter referred to as "the Procedure"), which includes information on how reports under this Policy will be dealt with, both at a formal and an informal level. The Procedure seeks to ensure that people feel supported in taking early action and seeking informal resolution wherever possible. Where this is not effective or appropriate, for instance if there is a repetition of the behavior, or it does not cease after informal action or in in cases of serious misconduct such as sexual harassment or physical violence, we will support people through formal procedures. Any behavior that contravenes this Policy may be grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal, expulsion or termination of contract for third parties.





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