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Design custom made jackets at affordable price from the comfort of your home. Simply describe your requirement with the help of pictures or sketches. Whether it is a movie character, comic character, cat suit, superhero costume or just a casual jacket, we will handmade your jacket and give it a complete customization as per your requirements and deliver you within 14 days.



Design Custom Made Jacket Maker

Custom Design Leather Jacket

Know that you can turn your dream outfit into reality. You may find the difficulty of finding a leather jacket that fits you perfectly when it comes to size and style. But now, you have the opportunity to have a leather jacket that is entirely according to your taste. Leather Jacket 4 enables you to design your own personalized jackets. You can make decisions while picking up your leather jacket like color be it black, brown or beige, the texture of leather used could be smooth or cow-milled grain which could be quilted if you want it to be, collar style could be extended with flaps, high-stand with adjustable buckles or stuffed with shearling. Moreover, you can choose whether you want a zipper closure or button closure in your jacket. These leather jackets are equipped with pockets in accordance with the choice of the customer.

Some want pockets with zipper closure some want a button closure. It may or may not have a flap depending upon the requirement of the buyer. Furthermore, you are free to tell us the details you want or don't want to have in your outfits like cuff styles, rib-knits, viscous lining or hem. In addition to this leather jacket 4 allow you to get the jackets having prints patches and logos of your choice. Nobody is going to miss a chance of getting an incredible customized tailor-made jacket of one's desire.

We started our first online leather jacket shop by introducing our retail online shopping website for leather jackets, and in no time, our supplies had reached every nook and cranny of the country, all while ensuring a customer-friendly online experience with our never-missed occasional and holiday discounts, coupons, and deals, as well as free shipping across the United States. We have earned the trust of our consumers and clients all around the world.

Custom Made Trench Coats

Everyone in this world wants to get attired according to their desires. So, trench coat lovers! think if you want to design a trench coat of your own choice. Would you like to acquire this opportunity? Of course, yes. Leather Jacket 4 toils on designing the outfit of your own choice. If you want to have a trench coat with a few amendments in that, then this is the right place for you. Most people like to be clothed in a leather-made trench coat having a lining that would be more comfortable for them. You can have the lining of any fabric you want to be it cotton, silk or any other.

You can get raglan sleeves or simple regular sleeves, length of the coats can be customized as per your demand it could be as long as ankle-length long or as short as calf-length, the belts and buckles could be designed in accordance with the look and the material you want i.e., plastic and leather buckles. There are some other things also that you might want to make a selection in like gun patch, deep back yoke, wedge back with one or two vents, button or zipper closure pockets, and lapels. These leather coats can be modernized as you want them to be. By showing pictures and giving descriptions of your admired leather trench coat you will easily get your very own refurbished trench coat.

Embroidery Jackets

Almost every one of you has the typical biker jackets in your closet but imagine of having your very own customized leather jackets. If you are an embroidery enthusiast than it would be thrilling for you to have your leather jackets embroidered according to your own wish. Honestly speaking there is dilemma of choosing the most suitable one for you. Usually, embroidery is seen on caps, coats, and cotton dresses. Leather Jacket 4 makes customized men's and women's embroidered leather jackets entirely in accordance with the requirements of customers. These leather jackets do wonders and proved to be fit for almost any occasion whether you are going for a party or indulged in any outdoor activity.

Most of the women out there are way too girlish, and they want something that is more of a floral and funky while a lot of people want to have some decent designs and patches on their outfits. Visiting a market and buying the already available item not always satisfies your desire. To get the jacket that best suits your mood, you just have to give a complete description of your imaginary jacket. Also, you can show the pictures of your admired embroidered leather jackets. You can have pearls, beads, and stones added, you can choose the type of yarn & thread and stitch (counted-thread/canvas/or any) and you can choose the color combination wholly by yourself. Leather Jacket 4 will put every possible effort to gratify your demands and leave you captivated by your very own customized embroidered leather jacket. So, stop putting yourself in curiosity and order you customized jacket now.

Custom Print Jackets

Closet might contain a plain bomber jacket. But what if you get a chance to have a printed leather jacket? Certainly, you won't miss it. Stop carrying your plain jacket and get your very own customized leather jacket. Printed leather jackets are not only considered as an innovative thought in the field of fashion but also looks remarkable on almost every individual whether men or women. Leather jacket 4 enables you to design your jacket by getting the artwork. Printed patch or pattern of your own choice. Forget about the casual biker jackets and order yourself something that heightens your confidence and looks glamorous at the same time.

People don't want themselves to be seen as dull or tiresome. Much rather, they want to reveal themselves completely. These leather jackets will help you to express your true selves because being yourself is way more important than anything else in this world. Here, you will find a complete array design and styles in which you will cheerfully layer yourself up to bring out your unique appearance. All you have to do is to give a complete description of the design and the print you want on your shirt and with our assistance soon you will be having your customized jacket in your hands.

Custom Made Biker Jackets

Are you a motorcycle rider and look for a perfect motorcycle jacket for you? than this is the perfect place for you. While purchasing a rider jacker you have to keep certain aspects in your mind like the durability, visibility and protective nature of the jacket. you may not find all theses things together but you can surely design your very own rider leather jacket that will be having all the features you want. Leather jacket4 is a platform where you can design your own biker jacket just by giving some instructions about how you want your jacket to look like. The jackets will be available in sizes that fits you best. Moreover, there are some other features that you can additionally have in your jacket or remove some of them.

These could be the type of collar either simple or flapped, the material used could be smooth or suede ensuring the safe ride that keeps your body intact and having the tendency to withstand atmospheric abrasions, it could have a button or zipper closure with or without having belts and buckles. You can choose the color of the jacket that matches your personality. The jacket will be equipped with as many pockets as you want depending upon you wish and essentials you want to keep to yourself. Usually biker jackets are made in such a way to look highly visible considering an important factor of safety. Furthermore, you are all-set to incorporate any other feature in your jacket like storm flaps and knits and adjustable cuffs.

Custom Made Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are usually found everywhere but you may not always find a jacket that suits you best. Think that you have a chance to personalize your jacket according to your wish. Isn't it exciting? Of course, it is! People keep on wondering in markets and malls to find the outfit that matches their taste of mind. But now, you don't have to wonder in markets and linger on malls instead you just need to visit the website of Leather Jacket 4 where you can design the bomber leather jacket of your own choice.

you can add the color of shearling and adjust its thickness just as you want plus you can choose the color of jacket that best suits you. If you are the one living in extremely cold areas than you can have a highly stuffed viscous lining inside your jacket. another exciting thing about having a customized leather jacket is that you are always free to choose the type of leather material, be it classic smooth or having a rough suede texture. Some of the bomber jackets have hem while some lack it. It is entirely in your hands how you want your jacket to look like. So, stop waiting and grab your customized bomber jacket now.

Costume Designer

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and festivities such as Halloween, Christmas, and others will be here before you know it. Are you trying to figure out how to capture people's attention without their realizing it and without apologizing for it? LeatherJacket4 is surely providing you with fascinating options in this regard. Why not have custom-made Cosplay outfits manufactured for the event you're looking forward to? If you've ever purchased a costume online, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit. This does not, however, rule out the possibility.

All you need is a reputable store that can create personalized costumes to your specifications. LeatherJacket4 can design custom-made costumes for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, fantasy feast, and other special events. You just have to message us your size and we will reply within a minute. Finding a customized-costume retailer on the internet is difficult. LeatherJacket4, on the other hand, is one of the few reputable stores that can customize costumes to your exact measurements and requirements.

All you have to do is tell us what you want and leave the rest in our capable hands because we have expertise in our company that will do the necessary things to get your costume ready with perfection. We specialize in tailor-made leather jackets. We make one- and two-piece suits, Western, touring, and comedic costumes, dresses, and touring coats for women and men in any leather product and color for any event. You will have to describe which costume do you want to be made with your size. After that, we will create a sketch according to your description and then we will send you images of the prototype. Then after your approval, we will begin the final process of tailoring your customized costume. With in days you will have your custom made costume in your hands.

Cosplay Maker

Cosplay, aka costume play, has been become a hobby as well as extremely popular all over the world within the last some years. Cosplay is the action of wearing self-made costumes to portray popular characters from different literature with the story and this is why Japan has become the Final Destination of Europeans. Fans become inspired by their favorite movies, TV shows, video games then create detailed costumes by the hand of their beloved characters. It has also become frequently popular for cosplayers in Japan or elsewhere to buy their cosplays in a store or online from sites such as leather jacket 4. Cosplay began in the United States at a science fiction-based fashion known by the name of Worldcon. This article will be exploring the fabric of costume because cosplay is so popular. After all, it is often used as a form of escapism from daily life. Between the harsh work culture of the typical salaryman, as well as society that makes it difficult to represent yourself, cosplay has been away for Japanese people to leave this reality for at least a little while.

Cosplay is not just a play it is more than the play because it needs proper customer that needs to be designed to get involved in the character to perform your play flawlessly. Since you came here for the love of cosplayer and cosplays so we are here to serve you with the finest quality of making jackets for the cosplays so you won't need to bother concerning the looks of yourself. Now following are the types of fabric regarding the costume making that we love to make cosplays of that.


A lot has been said regarding the value of the sheepskin that how it attracts the eyeballs of the audience who loves the cosplays. It is the number one choice of the leather jacket 4 to make cosplays of this specific fabric as it gives a more appealing intense look to the character that you are looking adapt.

Sherpa leather

Sherpa leather comes as an alternative of the genuine leather of sheep and it looks as same as aforementioned but it is cheap and yet not compromising the leather of sheep skin, so either you want fake leather of sheep or the genuine leather, we have been making our clients delivering both these before-mentioned stuff.


Now why fleece is the stuff that we all should be looking for? Because it has good qualities such as it is thick, spongy, soft, durable, and comfortable above all. So, these are the quality why this fabric comes first into our mind when it comes to the costume for the cosplay of the character.


Who can dare not to choose the comfort, look, feel, and charisma that comes with the breathable cotton fabric? No sensible person since this is the fabric that comes in the mind irrespective of the winter and summer so every folk whether it is winter season or the summer session, can be worn in any session of the weather.

Wool blend

Whenever I listened to the name of wool it feels like royalty, we are the expert at leather jacket 4 to make cosplays of this finest fabric with care and love. And when a leather jacket 4 says something then it means it.

Faux Fur

We are not just good at genuine leather of animal skins but when it comes to fake fur you can believe us by your naked eyes that how we are using fake fur along with the leather jacket to make you feel more satisfying since we know how much you love the leather jacket.

Final thoughts:

In order to conclude the concept of cosplay why it is a form of escapism for us. Cosplay allows us to gather also create different events plus meet like-minded souls. It adds a layer of social enrichment to their stories that are not typically expected. The characters that these cosplayers wish also can double as coping mechanisms for the difficulties they have going on in their personal and professional lives. It can benefit them to feel like they are completely another person for the time that they have the costume on.

As far as fabric and costumes are concerned s it is not just from Leather jacket 4 since we deliver more than that to our customers to make them feel satisfied in their desired character. So If you have been confused a lot about the cosplays what to prefer and what not to choose then have a look at our website and feel free to contact us as much as you want as we have been delivering it for 2 decades in this market at affordable prices.