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The year 2000 marked the beginning of the LeatherJacket4 era. LeatherJacket4 is an online e-commerce leather jacket company that offers. When our team was smaller we started with our website. We spent days establishing our website user-friendly and mobile-friendly, then we focused on the quality of our jackets and how to make them last because we were inexperienced at the time. Slowly but steadily, we began to progress, and our hard work began to pay off, and professionals such as pattern masters, machine experts, and others began to join us. Then we worked day and night to preserve the quality of our brand and improve our client service.

We started our first online leather jacket shop by introducing our retail online shopping website for leather jackets, and in no time, our supplies had reached every nook and cranny of the country, all while ensuring a customer-friendly online experience with our never-missed occasional and holiday discounts, coupons, and deals, as well as free shipping across the United States. We have earned the trust of our consumers and clients all around the world.


Whatever we have today is a result of the hard effort we have put in over the years. LeatherJacket4 is now a global company that offers free shipping on the top high-quality leather jackets. We now have our factory, which is divided into numerous sections and employs a large number of experienced personnel. First, we have a design department with employees and professionals that assist in the creation of jackets. Then there's our pattern-making department, which creates the pattern on the jacket, regardless of the pattern that someone wants on their leather jacket.

The next department is sewing, where a jacket is meticulously stitched, and then the garment is taken to the tanning department, where the color is applied. After tanning, the jacket is sent to the finishing department, where it is given a final touch before being sent to the QC (Quality Control) department, where it is neatly packed. The hard effort we've put in over the years has finally paid off.