5 Easy Ways To Spot a Fake Leather Jacket

5 Easy Ways To Spot a Fake Leather Jacket

Synthetic leather manufacturing methods have become really advanced in a leather industry that it has almost become impossible for a layman to spot the difference between synthetic leather and genuine leather. Sometimes it is really disappointing to buy a synthetic leather jacket at the price of real leather. It is very important to learn how to spot the difference between real leather and faux leather by knowing a few simple measuring tips. This will really helpful for you if you are planning to buy a real leather jacket.

Here you will find 5 quick identifying ways to be sure if you are buying a real leather jacket or just low-quality faux leather.

1)      Smelling

Smell the jacket, you will get that organic leathery scent. The smell of real leather won't be pleasant though that's a sign of its authenticity. An artificial or a faux leather product does not smell like a real one, instead, these leather items will give rather chemical odor. It is not always easy to differentiate leather by just smelling it.

2)      Stretching

You can also try stretching method. If you stretch a piece of real leather it will stretch unevenly in all directions and will feel little flexible. Whereas artificial leather is not stretchable. This method is more reliable than smelling. Anyone can try this out, it is easy to do. But sometimes such stretching is not possible in sewn leather jackets then you can apply pressure with your fingers to sense the natural stretch of real leather.

3)      Burning

The best way to check real leather is by burning it. Do not put your jacket in a fire, but you can check by touching the mild flame of a lighter to some inner edges of leather, usually, the folded edges from inside can slightly be burnt. Real Leather will not catch the flame but artificial leather would catch it and it will burn like a plastic.

4)      Price Matters

Well, it is also depending upon prices. Real leather does have a price slightly higher than the artificial one, but it isn't too much. A good quality real leather jacket can be bought in the range of $150 to $500 – depending upon the types of leather and design of a jacket. Whereas basic artificial leather will cost around $60 to $70. Sometimes faux leather jackets are sold at the price of real leather which is why it is important to see the price first. It the price comes really low then you better be away from buying it.

5) Examine Surface Closely

Give it a gentle touch and run your fingers nicely on the surface of the leather. If it feels perfectly uniform and unnaturally smooth then it is a sign of faux leather. Real leather has real imperfections with inconsistent textural patterns. Somewhere it feels coarse and somewhere it is smooth, but if the leather feels.

There may be some reasons for you to choose faux jackets over real ones. Genuine leather jackets are truly luxurious and long lasting but these are slightly expensive. Synthetic or faux leather can be a good alternative when it comes to price. You must be very clear while buying leather jackets and must know these 5 ways to identify authentic leather for a pleasant shopping experience.

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