I am so much into hoodies nowaday

I am so much into hoodies nowaday

sometimes, I wonder whether it is a  good choice to carry a hoodie underneath a leather jacket. I was so perplexed about having these thoughts. I started looking on the internet and searching for pictures in which I could be able to find any celebrity wearing a hoodie underneath a leather blazer or coat. Fortunately, I found some of the fas=mous and well known celebrities and TV artists wearing leather jackets over a chic hoodie. 

still, I was thinking about whether it will work on my physique or not. since I am a bit chubby and am always worried about what and how to wear anything that could work perfectly on my body shape. I tried wearing a hoodie in combination with a leather jacket and not too surprisingly I found y self a lot more stuffed than before. It was too much for me to carry both of the things at the same time. But then, luckily, I went through some articles of clothing on the internet that lit the light of hope. I explored and found the website Leatherjacket4.com. They have a huge variety of leather jackets. I was happy because I found the solution to my problem. Instead of wearing a hoodie and a leather jacket, I intended to buy a hoodie leather jacket listed on their website. they have leather jackets with detachable hoods at the back to provide you with the sassy look you can get effortlessly. Let me show you how. 

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