I custom made the Female version of Tom Hardy Farrier Jacket

I custom made the Female version of Tom Hardy Farrier Jacket

What is so special about Tom Hardy Farrier jacket that he wore in Dunkirk? Has anybody watched the movie yet? Or it is only me being in the style of Farrier? Well, the movie was released back in 2017, but I recently got an opportunity to watch it with my family. It was such an amazing experience I have felt after almost two years. The last time I inspired from a movie character this much was Mia from La La land, and now it is the military man – Farrier. I loved watching Dunkirk, though I am not kind of war-girl still I was completely captivated throughout the story. 

I was more impressed by the outfit of Farrier, particularly a jacket he wore in the movie, a bomber jacket. Coincidentally, I was recently looking something similar online and then found it out that these bomber jackets were first introduced in 30's or maybe in 40's during WWII when American jet pilots wore it while flying their jet plane over the battlefield. The exact scenes of the fighting pilot have been depicted in Dunkirk which truly inspired me knowing the historic relevance of bomber jackets. Apart from just a bomber jacket it was also designed for movie hero, therefore I unsurprisingly expected little variation from the real bomber jacket which is full of roomy and saggy near to the elbows. I guess, you guys have noticed it too, but I liked it this way. Moreover, the inner shearling is just amazing for chilly winter. I have worn many shearling coats and jackets and I am pretty sure about how comfy and warm it feels when you are just shivering from the cold.

I have already ordered an exact looking Farrier bomber jacket but with a little customization, I have no idea if it would remain bomber jacket or not but I really wanted it to be made with narrow shape, just opposite to regular bomber jacket which is bulky and heavy. I don't like it. I made a custom order asking if they could tailor it according to me and give it a women style so I can actually look like the one I really am. I am on my waiting to receive it soon. Will definitely share my experience with you all about the quality and real style of the jacket once I get it in my hand. Till then see you, have a nice day. 

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