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Leather jacket for plus size lady

Hi to everybody, whose reading this. I am a plus size woman and must say it is really hard to find the right look or size for me. Clothes I can easily find in the mall, I simply don`t like. Finding the perfect leather jacket is the worst thing! They usually don`t suit me well. Sure I read some guides on how plus size icons wear and combine their clothes https://curvy-ninja.com/2020/07/plus-size-icons-that-we-stan-inspirational-guide/

It would be so awesome to buy such looks like Danielle Brooks or Denise Bidot has. But it cost so much money. Can anybody suggest any stores for plus size woman, where I won't spend a fortune?


you can always get customised leather jackets as per your body measurements and the designs that go correspondingly with your state of mind. I got my copper metallic leather jacket customised and it was a wise decision to do so.


a very well written discussion. thinking of getting a plus sized black biker leather jacket


it was a lot of help. I love your leather jackets. Highly recommended for all.


Dear i will answer you properly. Just wait for a while. Brown Leather Jacket


Such a helpful write-up. I wish to buy a cafe racer leather jacket in an 8XL is that possible?


I read a report about the plus size fashion guide on their page, and I found it very useful. I paste a link for the assistance. https://blog.leatherjacket4.com/2020/08/fashion-guide-for-plus-size-ladies.html


you really took me out of a hard time. Now I can focus on deciding something for me!


this article is indeed helpful. I would suggest going for a femme noir biker jacket as it looks dazzling on plus-sized ladies.


such an amazing guide. Will soon try some jackets as well.


Being a plus-sized lady, I found this blog really helpful. I suppose I can have a copper metallic in plus size yes that's right


I am kinda plus sized lady and found this write up really useful!


I am a bit healthy and wanted to try something as per my silhouette. you guys of a lot of help.

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