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Shannara Leather jacket for Halloween

Hey everyone! I wish everyone is doing good. I am writing today about something really special and something that is close to my heart. First of all, I would like to tell you all that I am not a fashion enthusiast kind of person but certainly, there are some things that I really cherish and have a good sense for. I have a costume or you can call it a cosplay attire that I cherish the most. It is the Shannara leather jacket. I know most of you must be amazed by the jacket that I’ve picked as it is not an easy thing to get in good condition that is heavenly stitched. Same went for me. I wanted to buy a Shannara leather jacket for my cosplay event and I found a website leatherjacket4.com that had this product listed on their page.

I checked out and later on, inquired about their website and services and found out that the word with precision. I ordered the Shannara leather jacket for myself but you know what is the exciting part of my story. I ordered this jacket for the annual cosplay event but to my surprise, it has been delayed and I can actually wear it as a Halloween costume and I feel extravagant about it!!!

Since the Halloween is on its way and I would be having a Shannara jacket, an all ready attire to flaunt my excitement as I am always equally excited for an event even if it is coming for the 10000th time in my life. So, this was about a little fraction of my life that holds this joyous moment.




The Shannara jacket is really really nice and it does have a smell but it is a nice one like real leather. I did a fire test. And Nothing happened so it is real.


this shannara jacket would really be a great pick this Halloween!


Hi shanara,One of my friend has also bought a shannara jacket and it really has a great quaity.And this would be a best stuff to wear on a Halloween.


I really like this Shannara leather jacket and I am very happy with it, thank you.:)

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