Hello, everyone, I hope you all are doing good. today I was grabbling my wardrobe a bit more deeply than normal days and guess what! I went through some of my most favorite clothes of all time that unfortunately got masked by some of my new clothes. From the very beginning of my consciousness as a kid, I remember that I have been very fond of gathering things that are unique and exclusive. No matter whatever the thing is be it a book, a dress, a pair of shoes or a purse, I always go for something that is exceptional in its own way. It doesn't mean that I am self-centered and think that what I do is right, it simply means that I give importance to my personal preference.

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It's not so long that I have been decluttering closet and I had a sudden glance on my favorite leather coat named “BANE-COAT” that I purchased from leatherjacket4.com last year. I have worn this coat whole-heartedly but due to some fitness issues, the coat is not going to fit me the way it used to be. Hence, I have planned to get myself a new leather coat. Since I want to have something that can combat against these ungracious winters yet being profoundly voguish. I visit two or three malls to get a leather coat but end up eating junk and found nothing, lol. A friend of mine advised me to visit some online stores and websites and I did so. After an extensive search toil, I finally found a leather coat on the same website I bought bane-coat from.


I have this Jaime Lannister coat leather coat that I bought from the leatherjacket4 website at extremely affordable prices. I am a GOT enthusiast and I haven't missed a single episode from its very beginning. Its plot, acting skills of the artists, dialogues, and everything inspires me a lot. The Jamie Lannister coat that I have is made up of genuine leather that is internally lined with luxurious viscose quilted lining to provide warmth and comfort. It has five antique buttons to make it an exact replica of the one worn by Jaime Lannister in the series. It is supplemented with a leather belt to provide you a perfect fit. 

There's one thing I admire the most about this coat. I really appreciate that this leather coat it such a beautiful blend of glamour and tranquility. By virtue of the premium leather and sumptuous internal lining falls smoothly on the body contours. Moreover, this leather coat could be carried with any combination of clothes making it a pretty much neutral attire. This is so much versatile and adaptable that it never ceases to satisfy me no matter what I carry with it. Since the coat has its origin with a famous Netflix series Game of Thrones, it could easily be carried as a cosplay costume in parties and events. There is no doubt that almost everyone has something praiseworthy to talk about. I want you to share your experiences regarding clothes, specifically leather apparel so that I can understand what people prefer in this winter season and what is the trendiest nowadays.


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