Finally grab an Arya Stark jacket

Finally grab an Arya Stark jacket

A few days ago, I was revising my season of Game of Thrones and I suddenly realized that the jacket or upper sort of thing that has been carried by Arya Stark is indeed a different league. It's not really leather. It is basically a knitted kind of fabric. Anyways, I loved the way she carried that jacket and I started scrolling web pages in an urge to find a dress of this sort or someone might have developed a replica of this mighty coat. 

After a few minutes searching on the internet, I visited my friend Julia. She is literally a fashion freak I mean she knows everything that I have intended to ask from her maybe she reads minds. LOL kidding. I visited her and asked her to dig the internet and find me a jacket of this sort. It wasn't surprising for me that she had already gone through this Arya Stark coat on the internet and wanted to tell me about it herself. I was glad yet a lil bit perplexed about whether I mentioned the subject earlier or not. Maybe not she is who she is.

She advised me to check out Leatherjacket4 so to find Arya Stark coat or jacket. She also told me that I can find some other leather jackets there that could stray my mind away from this Arya Stark jacket. I didn't agree with her but she was right. I scrolled the website and found the Arya Stark jacket. However, there were some other jackets that were amazingly alluring but I left them for the next time. Hehe. 



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