My Halloween and Christmas attire summed up

My Halloween and Christmas attire summed up

??Hello everyone. Today I am here to discuss my Halloween experience of this year. I was really very perplexed about my attire for this year as I was invited to one of my friends' home for the party. She arranged some kind of girls' evening to make the most of our holidays. All of my friends have intended to carry superheroes' attire in a bit more spooky side. I was scrolling on the internet to find the best for my temperament. Since I am a Coquettish kind of girl and always go for something that goes best with my personality. 


I opt for this Harley Quinn leather jacket that I purchased from LeatherJacket4. Not only this, they have a variety of leather jackets and costumes available that at one instant I got so confused that at the last moment I actually picked two jackets and the 2nd one is black Belle leather jacket that is so beautifully made that I can confidently carry it on Christmas events due to its versatile black color. Let's have a look at both of these leather jackets.


Harley Quinn leather jacket




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