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Overwatch Soldier 76 Jacket Review

I am back with my amateur reviews! Today I’m going to talk about my soldier 76 Halloween men costume which I have recently bought from LeatherJacket4.

It is not an expert review, though, I am writing because I really like overwatch soldier 76 costume. The color combination of this jacket is what made me tempted to buy it right away.

I am not intended to make it long reviewing guide for you, but would try to cover all the aspects that might interest you if you are also planning to buy some game jackets. 

In this review I am going to talk about the design and material of the Soldier 76 john jack jacket and the inspiration behind its huge popularity.

Let me start by sharing a picture of a jacket which attracted me at first sight. Watch soldier 76 Halloween Jacket here:

Isn’t it attractive? Yup, and pretty cool. This white-blue combo jacket is worn by 76 John Jack Morrison in the famous Game play “Overwatch”. I am not a game addict, even I might have not played this game in my life, probably once or twice, I guess! But to be very honest, I am not into games at all. Still I am in love with this 76 Halloween men costume Jack Morrison.

In the game, Overwatch, the character seems obviously "Cartoonish" but in reality, the jacket totally worth wearing. This blockbuster video game is the real inspiration behind such a fashionable winter leather jacket that you find everywhere on the internet.

Soldier 76 is unarguably one of the iconic characters from Overwatch. He is cool, classic, stylish, and foremost inspiring personality. Half of the credit goes to Jack Morrison jacket.

It is rare that we can get style inspiration from a gaming character, but this time Jack Morrison completely nailed it for his fans.

Soldier 76 jacket is given very nice and inline stitching. There are several extra padding on the chest side and over sleeves that resembles muscular shape to your body just like the character himself. Jack Morrison Leather jackets have an audacious attribute which can effortlessly give you the deserving appreciation among your mates.

This Soldier 76 costume cosplay is made from real lamb leather and it feels very relaxed while wearing it. Moreover, the inner foam padding is covered by viscose lining which feels so gliding over your clothes and gives the cozy comfort.

Soldier 76 leather jacket can be your next winter outfit. It is very warm and trendy these days. The quality of the jacket is really good, I can feel the durability of the leather with a humble touch. I can feel and clearly see the grain which ensures high-quality leather.

I was really pleased to know that leatherjacket4 is renowned for selling real leather jackets. All the jacket on the website, even celebrity jackets are made from real leather.

Talking about the shipping: that was pretty quick. It arrived on time.

Fitting: The available size guide of leather jackets is very comprehensive but I still asked for custom sizing for me. I wanted a more fit from sides so I just told them in an email about it and got a quick and approving response. Finally, the jacket fits me the way I wanted, super classic!

If you want to buy a soldier 76 Jacket then I will recommend you leather jacket 4. They made it awesome.


I wish to buy Jack Morrison black leather jacket. It is different from the real soldier 76 jacket but I have seen it a black version of this leather jacket and I liked the black one more than this particular blue jacket. Why all such celebrity jackets have bright colors. Men love black and I must say every film jacket has to be created its black version, no matter how they look in its original form. I like what I have seen on the internet but it seems like the manufacturing of black Overwatch leather jacket is not as good as this one. Can you recommend me where can I get it in high-quality real leather? The picture above looks perfect to me, little variations are required but this seems immaculately crafted. I wonder if I can find good quality soldier 76 leather jacket in a cheap price. If there is any game lover who can give better advice to me.


You are looking very handsome in this jacket.

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