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Be Inspired By the Costumes of Arrow Season 7

It has been 6 years the great tv series Arrow kept our attention. The show has been running for 6 seasons, it’s not been long since the first season of the arrow has featured in 2012 and it still brings the same legacy of captivating storylines and action scenes. There is good news for all Series enthusiasts and fans of Arrow who has been yearning to witness once more the heroic personality of Oliver Queen. The charming character of Green Arrow based on DC comic superhero who captured our heart with the look and getup he appeared in while playing such a heroic performance. Guess what! The 7th season of Arrow is about to back again, and I can hold myself pouring my inspiration regarding his personality that motivated me a lot and made me explain each and every aspect of his personality in the best way possible. Anyway, first things first. If you are still unaware of its arrival then here is news for you. The CW’s network has confirmed its official premiere date and boom, it comes out to be October 15th, 2018 that you may quietly mark on your calendars.

Though there are lots to talk about the Green arrow and especially the dashing Oliver Queen character yet I’m gonna keep my critique span to the outer appearance of Oliver Queen in Green Arrow.

The Iconic Style of Oliver Queen in Green Arrow

The Green Arrow series has ramped up our attention not solely due to its indeterminate twists in the storyline but the compelling flashbacks which never let you forget the excitements of its prior seasons to relate the story. Stephen Amell who is playing the role of Oliver Queen in Arrow tv series has got a reminiscent look not just because of his brilliant acting but the way the popular fictional character Oliver Queens is presented on the screen has as always been amazing and deeply appreciable. Of course, all the credit goes to the show creators but the robin hood styled green arrow costume can’t be ignored.

Green Arrow Leather Jacket Hot Topic

Before the show starts, let us be sure the upcoming tv series will be featuring our favorite Stephen Amell wearing the popular Green Arrow jacket and this is the topic we all want to talk about. The first thing comes in our mind while thinking of a Hollywood celebrity is the style they carry wherever they go around the street, and more specifically what they wear on the screen as the celebrity costumes are designed with utmost care and appropriate matching with the character they supposed to play. As far as Stephen Amell leather jacket is concern we have already witnessed it in prior sequels of Green Arrow and it seems they aren’t going to change this iconic Oliver Queen Jacket because of its popularity among the fan who never miss chance to camouflage their appearance by wearing movie costumes on Halloween party nights and that’s a best is that it could be a perfect cosplay if you complete the look with all the accessories that Oliver Queen has seen carrying.

Who designed Oliver Queen Green Arrow Hoodie

Over the years Green arrows have seen wearing numerous costumes in both tv series and comics, but all of them surprisingly followed a similar pattern of robin hood style. When it comes to designing celebrity costumes, a designer has to think beyond the creative imagination as these outfits are supposed to get viral around the street, hence we see a renowned name of Oscar winner Colleen Atwood Chicago, who did a marvelous job and come up with this masterpiece costume of Oliver Queen that we all demand include in our wardrobe.

As said by Colleen Atwood

“Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are.”

So, what you have to say! Since the 7th season of popular Arrow series is around the corner. My best thing was the Stephen Amell Green Arrow jacket, what other things fascinate you in this Series. Share in the comments below.


Stephen Amell Green Arrow Jacket I bought this jacket lately in last year at the time of Halloween. It is pretty good and perfect for the Halloween party. Though unlike other movie costumes this arrow jacket is more like my casual winter outfit. I am wearing it often in these days, here in New York the temperature is falling unexpectedly at night. So, it is also helpful for me to get under a warm leather jacket. By the way, this season 7 arrow leather jacket is more astonishing than previous green arrow seasons which made me go for it. The best thing about Stephen Amell jacket is that it comes with a hood. I must say Oliver Queen had a comfortable time in the making of Arrow TV series.


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Original Posted by - Glenn McCune Posted on : Jun 29, 20 @ 00:00:I have a jacket of this sort but I am not liking it the way I am perceiving it as if you guys have a better quality in comparison to that. I will shop from you hoping to get a better piece.

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Wow I'm dazzled this Arrow season 7 jacket is one of the best I have purchased in quite a while. Fits perfectly. I completely love it.


I ordered this arrow season 7 jacket for my child for Christmas. I was apprehensive it wouldn't look as envisioned. I was extremely upbeat when I got it. It looks simply like the one worn in the series and the quality is acceptable too. My child cherished it!


the Oliver Queen Green Arrow Hoodie as depicted fits well. Quick delivery. Pleasant leather. Getting a charge out of the coat without question. Fits wonderful, not very free to wear with a shirt and certainly not to tight to wear with a thicker shirt.


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