I chose a cafe racer leather jacket for my Dad

I chose a cafe racer leather jacket for my Dad

I was a little bit perplexed about what to buy for my father as his fathers' day present. I discussed the matter with a few of my friends and they helped me out as much as they could. To be very honest, I am thankful that I finally got a sensible and worthiest idea. After hitting up several people I came to the conclusion that no matter what I am going to get a chic ass leather jacket for my father. So, I head out on a voyage to find a perfectly perfect leather jacket for my father.

I spent a couple of days in wondering in market places toiling hard to find the best pick for my Dad but nothing crossed my mind. Eventually, I started looking for leather jackets on the web and I went through leatherjacket4. Leatherjacket4 is an online platform where you can buy leather jackets, coats, cosplay attires and customized jackets from. I was really mesmerized by their collection of jackets and a time came when I was entangled in my thoughts about what to choose as I was stuck between two of my favourite jackets.

Sooner or later, I selected the cafe racer leather jacket because I found this jacket a perfect example of less is more. The jacket is quite simple with minimalistic detailing still, it is pretty stylish with a chic silhouette. I just loved the way it has been augmented with seamed detailing on its shoulders and forearms and my father too was very much glad after receiving the present of his very own temperament. It has two front pockets as my father always wants to have in his attire. These pockets look simple but are highly substantial. 

Cutting to the chase, I am pretty much satisfied with the product mainly because of the quality and layout. 


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