Do you find movies jackets and costumes inspiring

Do you find movies jackets and costumes inspiring

We normally watch movies for amusement and fun. Whenever I get some leisure time in weekdays or even in weekends I plan to go to watch a good movie in the cinema or create a setup, so that I can summon my friends or cousins at my quarters to watch a movie together which I have been doing since I was a kid. From the very beginning, I find watching movies pleasurable and beguiling particularly when I am with my friends and pals enjoying the whole night. After spending a whole night watching movies and chilling out it becomes very challenging for us to rouse ourselves in the morning but who cares as it is equally necessary for me to get sometimes relaxed along with a hectic life schedule. This was about watching movies and getting stimulus from the movie characters, but there is this one thing that we do not realize when we become influenced by a special costume carried by any of the movie's characters and indeed this feeling is really astonishing that we start relishing a costume or jacket to such a greater extent. I would like to talk personally about myself that once I was watching my favorite marvel movie and all of a sudden, I got affected by the outfit of our very own, “Captain Marvel.” That was actually her superhero costume but the layout of that costume was taking me to the seventh cloud when I was thinking to have that with me.


I decided to get myself a leather jacket of this sort and started looking in market places. I even explored online stores, but I couldn't find the best for me. Some offered huge prices while some were having quality issues. Every time I find it difficult to have my fancied costume, but I still can't get over it. I am a movie kind of person since my childhood and movie characters and costumes invigorate me to a greater extent especially the one that is from marvel comics. It creates a perception of being a heroic person, LOL. Once I watched the movie, “How to get away with a murder” in which a very famous actress was portraying the role of “Annalise Keating” (a lawyer).


It was indubitably something commendable to watch with a praiseworthy plot but, the thing that triggers me the most was the most meritorious leather Peplum worn by the lead actress. I was so galvanized by it that I looked for it desperately in shopping places for about 3 months. Movies are not only good to bring some swap in the frame of mind but can also give us viewpoints regarding clothes. Especially in the exhilarating season of Halloween, I tend to watch some trending movies, so that, I can have an idea about what to carry this Halloween and make the festival even more thrilling for me. I must say that movie costumes and jackets not only make you feel unique and alluring but also make you the center of attention wherever you go. I would like to ask about your opinion here. Whether movie costumes and leather jackets inspire you or not? If yes, then where do you get your desired clothes with affordable price and good quality from?

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