Anybody have My Chemical Romance jacket in real leather

Anybody have My Chemical Romance jacket in real leather

The MCR jacket is worn by Gerard Way in Party Poison song. I have been looking the exact same jacket worn by Gerard Way but in “real leather”. I have found it many Online shops but always wonder how can a real leather be this much shiny? This is what makes me suspicious and I started throwing emails to many sellers online asking about the quality of My Chemical Romance Jacket. I guess they understand what I really want and could offer me in real (actually real) leather. I have had a bad experience with faux, so I can tell you for sure that faux is of no use. “Real men go for real leather”. Anyways it is true that faux isn't durable at all, moreover, it merely saves you little money but cost more on the long run. Last time I bought Gerard Way Jacket in faux and it didn't last more than 6 weeks – such a bad experience I had.

My Chemical Romance Jacket is listing at LeatherJacket4 in the real sheepskin jacket. The appearance of the jacket looks adequate and the price seems much fair as compared to other shops Online. It is a sign of real leather that it does not reflect the light, I can see there is no reflection coming out from the blue surface of Gerard Way jacket. It has much of an absorbing texture. I wonder if any of you have already bought it and could show me the real pics of the same jacket that is featured on leatherjacket4.

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