Arya Stark Handmade Jacket From Game of Throne

Arya Stark Handmade Jacket From Game of Throne

Is it only me enamored by the charismatic innocence of Maisie William?

Woah! It is true that I am so much dwell in the character since I started watching ‘Game of Throne' on demands of my fellow buddies. Why am I talking about it? Well, you know, Halloween is near which gave a rise to some cosplaying discussion in the air. I have also recently encountered with an opinionative battle of cosplaying ideas with my friends about what is new for Halloween 2018. Though initially, I was languid in my comfort to not say anything about as I am not in movies and all that, but then I realized that I have a lot to say about wonderful costumes and in no time, I peremptorily started talking my favorite Arya Stark's costume from GOT. Her jerkin in the series was indeed admirable and seemed pretty cool idea for the Halloween so I gathered all the memorable moments I could and started pouring my opinions in favor of extremely awesome costumes of Game of Throne particularly about Arya Stark.

I am all in a mood to design my own handmade jacket as the Maisie William wore, it looks like a handmade - I am not sure though. I don't know how would I do it but I'd definitely get my hands dirty in the preparation of its rough styled strappings. I am not good at tailoring, but I think only poor tailoring will make a jacket looks exactly like the one she opted for such a medieval era when there were no such things like sewing machines. Though, I guess this way I would practice some of my needle precision and would make the exact replica of Maisie William Jerkin.

Can anybody give some more advice about the type of fabric used to make Arya Stark Costume – I guess that's wool or something alike. As far as lacework is concerned I'm pretty confident that it will be really a fun doing all that twill rolling with hands.

Well, that's just an immature plan, maybe, in the end, I will be buying it from some online shopping site, lol. But hey! there is an ample time to try this fun-filled activity, therefore, I am really excited to start some time soonish because I've got a lot of stuff to do before jumping in this creative process.

So, that one was the first glimpse of my upcoming venture, I will keep posting the progress of my making here, I do like to invite all of you to be the part of my team and help me out creating the wonderous outfit for Halloween. So, keep the peek on my post, I will let you involved all through the journey. See you!

P.S also share what are you going to wear in Halloween 2018.

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