My Love for Biker Leather Jacket Never Ends

My Love for Biker Leather Jacket Never Ends

There is something special about leather jacket, I can't tell for sure but that's where I spend a lot, I am always in the lure of capturing the style and designs wheresoever I witness it. My sight of inspiration is perhaps wide enough to detect the fashion around me, it doesn't matter if I see leather jacket worn by the kiddie next door or it's a celebrity like Kim Kardashian wearing a leather jacket – I'm always willing to try it out. I might be choosy sometimes from some fashion jacket out there but there is indeed something that remained one of my favorites, and that's the biker style jacket. I don't ride bikes but it is what it is called. A biker style jackets are pretty popular and most selling leather jackets, you can see it everywhere it is widely available in the market. An online shop of the leather jacket seems incomplete without biker jacket and biker jacket collections are incomplete if it is not for women. I particularly like it because of its short fitting style and some padding embellishments on the front are nice because this makes it more feminine and stylish at the same time. Like you can pair it with anything from skinny leggy to regular pajama or if you wish to make a bit bold look there is a never-fading style of jeans, though sometimes I just want to drape it around my shoulders when I wish to make a lazy walk on my way home, it feels nice as the swinging cold breeze mixes with the warmth of my jacket – it's kinda such beautiful fusion of nothing! Yea, I'm kinda eccentric. For instance, I'd like to show some of my favorite styles of women's biker jacket that every girl should buy right on the go.

Minimal Style Biker Jacket

A jacket with no extra stuff around the shoulders and in front. A plain jacket with wide lapel collars would be the best for one who likes simplicity. Yet you may try from multiple feminine colors to give it a pleasing taste if you don't wanna go with the all-time black leather jacket.

Typical metal work on Biker Jacket

There is no limitation of add-ons when it comes to women gear if you wish! You may find stuffed embellishments all over the front fascia of your leather jacket. Wide epaulets with silver metallic work are pretty common but you can also find floral quilting design which looks too beautiful.

Short Length Biker Jacket

Well, might not be appropriate in the peak of winter, but surely it is the style that we all girls want. It is short, stylish and glamorous. Pairing it with some girly tops would be worthwhile, due to its revealing nature, do not shut the front zipper to let your inner wear shows uprightly. Short length biker jackets are too flattering as your dress can be seen from front opening and from around belly. I would recommend to wear it with a long plaid shirt with blue or black pants. Dark colors are the best but if you wish leather gears in colors then make sure it nicely incorporates with the color of your dress.

That's all from me, I hope you'll agree with my humble take on this topic. Feel free to add your stance on women's style, I'd love to respond to each one who likes to point to some other essential style idea with a leather biker jacket.

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