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My Black Canary Costume is Reay for the Halloween Party

Ever wonder how celebrities are influencing our real world, I’ve seen people are following celebrities to the extent of craziness. There are some who go too far in mimicking their lifestyles and their onscreen characters. Though for sure, when it comes to the movies they are depicted as an ideal of a man that anyone may yearn to be like them but how about the character that is too imaginary to try in our real world? Let say for example the Black Canary Costume that gone viral immediately after it had been picturized on a beautiful blonde Katie Cassidy as Dinah Laurel Lance. Marvel comics has always been popular and it gave us some really unimaginative personae, though giving them life was such a great idea that changed the concept of comics characters; they are even more expressive and interactable with lots of superpowers. I still remember the powerful scream of Black Canary and her fighting instinct that inspired me a lot when I was young and let me tell you how innocent I’ve been in my childhood that I used to think she is a real girl, I believed that there would be some place where there are people with such extraordinary super skills. I know it is embarrassing for me to accept how stupid I’ve been in me teenage but anyway we are all like this at younger ages. Well, it was my love for her who also urged me to resemble like Black Canary the same way she appeared on TV – I don’t know why. You know I’ve never liked the idea of getting guised under the costume of some fantastic Marvel comic character but then Halloween came and I had been insisted a lot by one of my costume lover friends who even recommended me some popular celebrity costumes to try on, those were pretty real as compare to comic costumes, as comic costumes are closer to cartoon characters and being adult I didn’t thought of myself doing childish stuff like that. My friend also knew that I ain’t gonna go with these weird glossy leather costumes. But say what! I surprisingly decided to get up with my childhood affection Black Canary which I accidentally come across after watching Katie Cassidy playing a role of Black Canary in Arrow that rejuvenated the child inside me, thus I went online after hours of searching and a long discussion with the customer support agent who was listening me calmly – he was a good guy I must say. I never knew before that there could be a custom-made order for your costume designs where you can make some made-to-measure dresses and cut off anything you deem not suit to your taste so I did the same, I customized a little bit of it and added a color of blue. It is a pure black leather costume that I saw online but what I got was as exact as I asked to altered, it looks so good for me. It surprised all of my friend about how would I come up with this character, they presumed that I’d have thought lots about it but in reality, it was just appeared to my sight while watching Arrow. The saddest part of my story is that I remained unfound by the charming Oliver Queen since no one dares to try wearing Oliver queen costume in that Halloween party.



It is so true that no matter what you become, your childhood affection remains somewhere in the back of your mind. Same goes with me, I feel bit like you at the moment – looking for costume for upcoming Halloween holiday and you have just given me an idea. I want the same but not the whole one. I wonder if you had bought the whole costume of black canary or it was just a top jacket. You haven’t shared any picture though. I am looking for some of the same dress for me but I don’t like complete costumes, I’d rather try a single top on my regular ensembles and a mask would do the job for me. How much did it cost you, can you refer the site offering the same costume at discounted price, I’ve surfed a lot and found out too many custom-made offers from every other website but I’m unsure which to pick for it. Please share your online experience with me


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