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Leather jackets with Skirts make A perfect Combo

Girls got to pay an explicit consideration to some outstandingly awesome styles and dressing combination which normally assumed bit eccentric but it comes out to be the splendid combination if being paired intelligently. In a common practice, leather jackets are apparently ignored by women, especially young girls roll their eyes over some beautifully designed leather jackets to keep their feminine delicacy intact, but that’s where they close the doors of countless style options which they can use to grace their appearance without running into to other dressing hassles. Here, there are some best style ideas for dressing if you are all set to spice up your winter hangouts with an unforgettable combo of a bold leather jacket over a mini skirt.

Here is a list of 4 best-known leather jackets which makes a pleasing pair with almost any kind of skirt you pick for yourself.

Cropped biker jacket with Miniskirt

Girls should pick the cropped black leather jacket to style up their casual ensembles. Usually, leather jackets are of full length due to its primary function of keeping you warm if the weather is freezing outside but if it’s a pleasant season you would definitely go with the cropped leather jacket which ends around the belly. Cropped jackets are the favorite of girls and it has got popular much rapidly in recent years as more of the celebrities appears wearing a cropped style jacket on screen. It is indeed a unique and stylish layer that you could sweep over any shirt without completely hide it, instead it gives your inner dressing a chance to be sighted. Moreover, due to the short fit, cropped jackets are much cooler and comfortable to try in spring or even in summer. Cut-to-fit jacket for women may not be warm enough but it surely grants you an opportunity to make a beautiful combination with a light mini skirt. Miniskirts offer a uniquely feminine touch in conjunction with a bold black biker jacket.

Brown Blazer over midi Skirt

Try another popular kind of leather jacket for women and it’s a brown blazer I’m talking about, which is more commonly worn by women than men. So why not to try this on a mid-length skirt for a comparative sophistical appearance - not completely causal nor like some formal outfits. So, if you are also fed up with an obvious combination of the jacket with jeans then this is a style for you to must try, I bet that will be another stylish alternative you have ever experienced. If the weather allows, girls can button up their favorite skirt around their bellies and slide their hands in a leather blazer. Well, brown blazers are pretty famous for this, try pairing it with bright color skirts with or without pleats – both look fine, just make sure it fits perfectly.

Fashion Jackets with Maxi Skirt

Maxi, particularly those with floral textures would make a super style statement if you pair it with any fashion jacket. Pretty girly chiffon skirts can nicely be appreciated if you team it with obviously awesome leather jackets. Do not limit yourself with the typical dark jacket, think again, you already have decided to get a spicy combination of the two together, therefore try making a pleasing pair and choose bright colors if possible to groom your fashioner look. To make your look more feminine and fabulous there is an immemorable verity of jackets available online which are decorated with quilting maneuvering and creative padding always trending.

Accessorizing your skirt and jacket collaboration

Once you have decided what it takes to flash a perfect pose then don’t forget to add more luxury to your style by accessorizing with a plaid wavy neck scarf and black ankle bootie will complete your style. If you wish to cover your legs then slide up a stocking tights underskirt to bring more versatility.


Hey all, I would like to correct you here, ladies like leather jackets. Don’t you see girls walking around wearing jacket. But I personally like the combination of jacket with skirts. It is so far eccentric from the regular girl’s wear but I love to try it out. I wonder you mentioned specific kind of skirts to each jacket style, is it kind of a rule or something that you must wear a mini skirt with biker jacket. I would rather like long tail floral skirts with lots of pleats. But the choice of style must be my concern, I am currently in search of buying a delicate leather jacket, will definitely share my looks here once I wear one. Till next time, bye.


What makes it lovely for girls wearing glossy black jacket on a flying skirt. I don’t like this combo, though pretty nice, but that not what I like girl being wearing on street. Please stick to the basic jacket with jeans style. It is always trendy and regular as well. It might not be the dressing for work, but sure you should toggle the skirts part with a rough denim.


I would rather like to wear the mini skirt with leather blazer, who can stop me lol. This is anyway, nice idea to try all the combinations mentioned above. Try getting the one that best fits to you, fitting will do the half job of glamorizing your casual look.


I don’t like a granny style midi skirt to pair with leather blazer, it will not look good though (at least on me), leather blazers make good combination with jeans or regular pants. Whereas, I like other combinations such as mini skirt with biker jacket is already popular among girls and you find many wearing like this one.


In my humble opinion, skirts can be paired with anything short till the belly, a thumb rule! Thus, a cropped leather jacket would be perfect with any kind of skirts, be it a mini, midi or long you can pair it up with short length leather jacket. Some biker jackets are much popular to team up with mini skirts though.


Hello friends: my name is Trista. I lend on this discussion from nowhere, ha ha. Though I was looking for a jacket, I read this article and see how people discussing about the which jacket looks good on which type of skirt, well I am unable to stomach my opinion anymore, because of the fact that these all style are creative and beautiful in their own ways. No matter if you wear a biker jacket, bomber jacket or a formal blazer over skirts, these all look fine if you carry nicely and chose the right fitting. Enjoy the creative ideas and lovely experiments. I love seeing such post. Thank you.


Hello! I enjoyed reading this post. Also, I am so flabbergasted that you have poured really worthy information I am gonna apply it while getting dressed up!


I bought a copper metallic women biker jacket from leatherjacket4 that I carry with a printed black skirt and it looks dazzling! thanks, guys


I have received my Tom Hardy Shearling coat. Moderate quality coat. Looks great, hits the correct harmony between being light and as yet being warm (acceptable through mid-30s F, ~2 C), and fits well. I am 6'1" (around 185 cm) and 160 lbs


on a serious note, initially, I was really conscious about carrying mini skirts with jackets but I bought a few biker jackets including femme noir leather jacket and black belle leather jacket. Using this guide I can go with this silhouette with full confidence. Thanks!

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