Condition Camel Leather

Condition Camel Leather

Hey all, thanks in advance.

I bought a leather bomber jacket made of camel leather in Fes, Morocco several years ago. While I love the jacket and the story behind it, I feel it's time to take it to the next level. I'd like to condition it so that A) it's better protected from the elements and I don't have to baby it as much in the rain, etc., B) it breaks in a little more to achieve a more relaxed fit, as it's a quite thick and durable leather, and C) revitalize the leather as it's been a bit dried out in places.

I'm not an expert (so sorry... that's what I need you for), but if I were to describe the leather to you all, it has what I'd consider to be a very natural and unfinished look. 

It is MATTE as matte can be — no shine whatsoever. Yet, the surface is smooth; not silky soft, but certainly not rough by any means like untreated leather. It is the color you might imagine when I say “camel,” meaning like slightly darker than sand. It's quite unique looking and I'd like to keep it that way, perhaps only slightly augmenting the look by conditioning it.

My question is what product should I use?

I do NOT want to darken the leather much, and I do NOT want to add much shine/luster.

I DO want to condition, I DO want to protect.

So far my inclination is to use a neatsfoot oil.

What say you?

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