How to Protect Leather Jacket from Rain

How to Protect Leather Jacket from Rain

The leather is popular for its natural longevity and graceful appearance. It is supple and rugged at the same time and can sustain lifelong only if it is upheld with good care. Natural leather is not water resistant due to its permeable surface (you may see the tiny pores with your naked eyes) and your leather garments could start decaying if they are exposed to water more frequently than usual. It is because of the fact that leather has to pass some long steps of chemical finishing in order to make its surface smooth, supple and for giving it glossy shine which requires many artificial processes before coming into wearable shape, this makes it a bit reactive to our natural environment in a long run. So, when leather is repeatedly drenched and dries while being near to the sea or in a rainy season, it gradually wipes out these essential chemicals that have been used to make it comes into a wearable form which causes it to get stiffen and gradually drops the natural supple it had to attain after those long processes. As a result, in due course, some unpleasant tearing-cracks starts emerging with dry scratch marks all over it.

What We Expect from a Real Leather Jacket

Though leather jackets are supposed to endure whatever the weather condition or location, no matter wherever you take it with, as it is deemed as a protective layer above your skin to keep you warm and isolated from the adverse weather environs. But unfortunately, this is not the case (at least for readily available jackets around), and you have to be cautious against the water exposure all time.

Waterproofing of Leather Jackets

People living in the areas where rainfall is common or those who live near to the shores and especially bikers are the sole victims of it, they are most likely to suffer from this problem as they are more exposed to salty winds and dusty environment, hence cannot avoid experiencing water in their life and consequently end up losing the quality of their beloved jacket by time. It is indeed an imperious understanding for all leather lovers who keep their jackets to the utmost care and always ready to spend a high amount on the product they have more importance in their sight.

Can there be a waterproof leather jacket which could bear such worse effects? Well, I think there is such thing called Waterproofing of leather garments which might be helpful to increase the age of a pure and real leather which even after assuming to be the most expensive, luxurious, strong & steady garment, is seeing nastily ripping.

A bad News for Adventurers

Can you expect an adventure without being exposed to water? A big NO. Nor you may dare to embark on the exciting journey with your café racer without wearing the iconic biker jacket. There comes a dire urge to find some DIY waterproofing method or you might go for some expensive yet temporary silicon polymer spray commonly known as acrylic copolymer spray for a leather jacket. Well, you may easily find this product, but definitely, it will add on to the real price of a leather jacket, plus regular hustle of maintenance. If you are happy to bear it all, that's a solution for you.

Customize Waterproof Leather Jackets

Do little research on internet, there are many online stores offering custom-made leather jackets and costumes where you have the freedom to customize almost anything-to-everything of your jacket, thus, you may ask a custom-made waterproof leather jacket online and they will happily assist you in creating long-lasting water resistance jacket which will be far better than doing it yourself. As long as I know, in the factory, waterproofing is done with careful precision and some types of machinery are also involved in this process which is nearly impossible for an individual to achieve the level of that precision. Therefore, the best way is to order custom-made waterproof leather costumes.

Speak Your Mind

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have something to talk about the waterproofing of leather jackets and best DIY leather waterproofing. Here I tried to give my sincere advice, which I deemed more convenient and worthier to give a try only if you are a true lover of leather and wants to keep it years long.

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