B3 flying aviator jacket an everlasting charm

B3 flying aviator jacket an everlasting charm

I am a bomber jacket kind of person and this passion comes directly by getting stimulation from the crew of the British Air Force. I am so in love with these type of jackets as it takes me to the vivid of being a part of that world where people were ready to sacrifice their lives for their beloved nation and fought with the opponent with courage and valour. I've been collecting bomber leather jackets from the age of 10 and to date, I have a plethora of jackets. Of course, some of them might not fit well but I do have some exceptional attachment with them.

Lately, I'd been looking for a kickass bomber jacket in a different hue and silhouette that may or may not possesses shearling inside it. To my surprise, I went through exactly the same jacket as I wanted one for myself when I was going through a website named leatherjacket4. A scroll and scroll and scroll but all of a sudden, I came to see an astonishing B3 bomber leather jacket with a shearling inside. I checked out its specification and ordered one immediately as I was already aware of the reliability and creditability of the marketers. 

The B3 flying aviator leather jacket has been manufactured by using leather in a beautiful brownish hue that has been internally lined with soft and amazingly luxurious faux fur shearling in a rusty brown colour. The best this about faux fur shearling is that they don't shed more often either do they cause any kind of allergy as they are artificial fur fibres. Moreover, the layout of this particular jacket is so eyecatching that looks pretty contemporary yet classic.  


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